• Welcome to eXodus gaming. A community focused on bringing gamers together to share good times.

Xodian Journey.

Joining the eXodian community lays upon you now.

What path shall you take?
 One of prizes and recognition?
Or perhaps one of sharing the good times?

Making friends, battling hard, being active,
can lead to so many newly opened doors.

Since we are more than just a gaming community.
Will indecision get the better of you?
Or will you become part of something special?
The passageway lays ahead. It is you that must take it.

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Your first step is to become a recruit is to look at JOIN US. 
Fill out the application form.
We will be in touch
on Discord.


Your next step is to become a Member.
Achieved by obtaining 3,650XP in Discord.
❓How do I obtain XP on Discord?

Awarded upon achieving 3,650 XP in Discord.

Joining the eXodian community, is an outstanding, privileged, opportunity. The more you participate, the greater sense of unity.  Calling, messaging, attending events, and more, So many ways to connect, are you ready to explore? 

You will receive…

 Server VIP on all [EXD] servers.
 New Discord Role

What do we expect from eXodians?

There are some expectations that need to be achieved
to become an [EXD] member.

Active on Discord

Be socially active on Discord.
Join Voice Channels
Achieve 3,650XP in Discord.

Attend Events

Attend [EXD] Events Regularly.
Be Organised

Be Committed

Be Kind
Be Social
Be Active

Valued Exodian

Now you are building value as you can plainly see, A valued eXodian you were meant to be. But don’t stop now, there’s much more to come, The journey of an eXodian is never done! You are just about to advance to level number three.

 All previous benefits.
 New Discord Role
 New Discord Colour


Awarded upon achieving 15,525 XP in Discord.

Looking for more are we? Scroll down.

Veteran eXodian

At the Veteran eXodian level you are a rookie no more. Advancing to this level has been no small chore. Veterans are honored, respected, and looked up to. We are so extremely proud of you! There’s still much more you’ll gain by pressing on, The next level will take you where you have never gone.

All previous benefits.
1 x 20% Discount code to use on the webshop
 New Discord Role
 New Discord Colour

Awarded upon achieving 40,500 XP in Discord.

Do you seek more squire? The journey continues…

Legendary Exodian

Wow! You are now a Legendary eXodian, you’ve earned this spot. There are not many people who have exactly what you’ve got. Your name will be whispered from an awestruck crowd, Or shouted from the mountain tops extremely loud. Attaining this level, is something you’ll never forget, But don’t stop now, there’s just one step left!

 All previous benefits.
 1 x Free Exodus Merch (Value $20)
 New Discord Role
 New Discord Colour
 A private Legendary eXodian chat room!

Awarded upon achieving 84,425 XP in Discord.

One more level you may see. The journey is almost at an end.

Immortal eXodian

Completing this journey has made you an immortal eXodian. Reaching the highest level of the community of guardians. Your communication has been exemplary, Your participation has been extraordinary. Therefore, you have been granted complete immortality!

All previous benefits.
1 x Special [EXD] Branded Gift
1 x Special Steam Gift
 New Discord Role
 New Discord Colour
A private Immortal eXodian chat room!
 A special EXD recognition event created in your name, your style!

Awarded upon achieving 154,125 XP in Discord.

Good luck adventurer. It is now time to see what you are made of…

You may be asking?

How do I earn XP?

By being a valued community member on Discord. Messaging, being in voice channel, reacting to messages earns you XP. 

  • 3.5 XP per text message.
  • 0.7 XP per voice minute.
  • 5 XP for [EXD] likes.

This experience is specifically reflected in Discord.

How do I see how much XP I have?

Navigate onto 【📜】exd-rank in Discord and type the following commands:

  • /rank
    • Will bring up your current rank. 
  • /top members server
    • Will bring up a list of Top 20 people.
If you have any questions, then please reach out to the Community Admins on Discord who will help you with your query.
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